Italy: 'He Is My Hero' - Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini

August 29, 2018

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban met with Italy's Minister of Interior Matteo Salvini in an unofficial meeting in Milan on Tuesday. Ahead of the meeting, Prime Minister Orban shared his view on Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini: "I would like to make personal acquaintance with him [Matteo Salvini]. He is my hero. He is also my fate companion. I'm very curious to know his personality, I'm a great admirer and I have the feeling that I have some experiences that maybe I can share with him."


Prime Minister Orban also explained that Hungary will maintain its stance against the relocation of migrants: "We understand this request [for migrants' relocation] but we don't think it's a rational request. With the migrants that have already arrived, the task is not to divide them, to share them [among the EU's member states], but [the task] is to bring them back to their homes!"



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