The White House: President Trump Meets to Discuss Fighting Human Trafficking on the Southern Border

February 4, 2019

Cabinet Room : 11:54 A.M. EST


THE PRESIDENT:  Well, thank you very much, everybody.  We appreciate it.  The jobs numbers just came out and we added 304,000 jobs, which was a shocker to a lot of people.  It wasn’t a shocker to me.  The country is doing really well.  We have the strongest economy anywhere in the world, by far.  And we’re the strongest nation in the world.  So that was really good.  But those numbers were very, very impressive.


Labor force participation rose 63.2 — and rose to 63.2.  That’s a great number.  Hourly earnings rose.  For people working, the earnings rose.  Those are numbers that you didn’t used to hear very much.  So we’re very honored.  But very importantly, we added 304,000 jobs.  Estimates were 150 [thousand] to 170 [thousand], and it turned out to be 304,000.  So that’s a big, big number.

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