Paris, France: Acte XIII - Yellow Vests Clashed With French Vichy Police During Anti-Macron Demonstrations For 13 Consecutive Weekends #GiletsJaunes #MacronEnPrison

February 14, 2019

The Gilets Jaunes, or “Yellow Vest” Movement assembled for its thirteenth weekend (“Acte XIII”) on Saturday, taking to the streets of Paris to push back on the dictator-imposter regime of schmuck Emmanuel Macron.

One Yellow Vest lost his hand after a GLI-F4 grenade deployed by police exploded in his immediate vicinity. GLI-F4 grenade is filled with 25 grams of military grade TNT and has been banned in all European nations except for France.

The protest itself boasted many different factions, from the reactionary right to the far left.

The common unifying theme was a rejection of neoliberal capitalism and President Emmanuel Macron. “He is the president of the rich, and he forgets all the poor people,” one Yellow Vest activist told News2Share.


“Neoliberalism = fascism,” one protester’s sign read, complete with photos of Hitler and Pinochet with Macron’s face photoshopped into them.


The days clashes ended after a particularly violent scuffle near the Eiffel Tower led to the destruction of multiple police vehicles, the deployment of GLI-F4 grenades, and several injured and arrested protesters.


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