President Trump Participates In Round-Table Discussion On Immigration And Border Security

Remarks by President Trump After Touring New Border Wall | Calexico, CA


President Trump:  So, behind us is the wall.  That’s the new wall.  We’ve done a lot of it, and we’re doing a lot more.  You see it over here.  This is, unfortunately, a protection that I guess you need, because you don’t know who’s on the other side of the border.  I hope it works.  This is just a concrete protector.


But the wall behind it — and you see it all the way down, and we’re going to be building — we’ve already built a lot of it.  It looks great.  It’s better and much more effective than the previous wall.  And we actually can do it faster, and it’s less expensive, if you can believe it.  So it’s better, faster, and less expensive.  Other than that, who knows.


Thank you all for being here.  This is a great stretch of wall.  You see where it’s going.  And this is going all the way up, and much of it just like this.  We have different — different walls.  We have some that are holding back water, so obviously this doesn’t do that trick.  But we have a lot of big concrete divisions that hold back various parcels of water.  We have a lot of water going up.

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