U.S Government Investigated Health Effects of UFO / UAP Encounters - Nick Pope

US government investigated health effects of UFO / UAP encounters Nick Pope May 3rd 2019.


If you are an experiencer I would love to hear your story! UAP1949@protonmail.com


Robbie Williams UAP-Experience Link to Creativity


Check out this deleted scene and extended interview with global pop-star and artist - Robbie Williams. In this interview Robbie is candid about his interest in UFOs and the Paranormal; and how those experiences have influenced his music. Robbie conveys personal experiences where he has directly engaged The Phenomenon. Be sure to watch the film - HUNT FOR THE SKINWALKER - by director Jeremy Corbell, where Robbie and Jeremy take a trip to Skinwalker Ranch - a UFO & Paranormal hotspot studied by the US Government.




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