#Hillary #Clinton Money Laundering Operators AND Key #Robert #Mueller Witness Slammed With 53 Counts of #Federal #Criminal #Indictments By The U.S Department of Justice

December 5, 2019

With George Nader being back in the custody of loyal Trump forces, however, this report further notes, his prior 1991 child porn conviction, coupled with the new charges sees him facing a mandatory life sentence in prison with no possibility of parole—an incentive that caused Nader to begin revealing everything he knew about Hillary Clinton’s vast international money laundering organization—that’s headed by Ahmad “Andy” Khawaja who owns and runs the California-based international credit card and merchant services company Allied Wallet whose other clients are offshore gambling companies, porn sites and a phone-sex business that served men with diaper and rape fantasies—with his being aided by Allied Wallet chief operating officer Moe Diab—who funneled mainly Middle Eastern money going to Hillary Clinton through a company called Founders Capital owned by Rudy Dekermenjian—and another company called Fintech International Financial Services whose chief executive officer is Stevan Hill—all of whose operations to illegally funnel money to Hillary Clinton were overseen by a man named Thayne Whipple who calls himself a “Global Payments Innovator”—every single one of whom were slammed yesterday by a crushing 53-count US federal criminal indictment for their money laundering crimes to enrich Hillary Clinton.

Not surprising to the SVR intelligence analysts who compiled this report, are them noting in its conclusion that the entire American mainstream media is deliberately covering up the stunning implications of what has just occurred with this penetration into the highest reaches of Hillary Clinton’s vast international money laundering organization—most importantly because all of these new arrests are against individuals, like George Nader, whom one can logically assume aren’t going to spend the rest of their lives in prison to protect Clinton or her crimes—and who don’t want to end up like Bill and Hillary’s close personal friend Jeffrey Epstein either—or like Epstein’s private banker Thomas Bowers, who has now discovered hanging from a rope dead right before the FBI was scheduled to interview him.

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