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Ukraine War 6 Years On: Handy Work of Obama, Joe Biden & John Kerry - Legacy of Destruction

Many In Ukraine & the USA would like to give Congratulations to Vladimyr (Volodymyr) Zelensky On 1 year as President Of Ukraine. In fact Ukrainian President Zelenskiy is about to go LIVE and give a press conference on his first year in office, maybe he will congratulate himself. Despite this, the residents of the Anti Ukraine Government, the Donetsk People's Republic do not think he should be congratulated. Early this morning there was a huge shelling attack in a residential area near Donetsk as there is almost every day. My team went to the site of the shelling attack and documented the aftermath and spoke to the victims and witnesses. In this report, I show you what the victims of Ukrainian shelling really think about Ukraine. This should be breaking news in Ukraine and the rest of the world, but unfortunately, the fake news media will never show you what the real situation in Ukraine is.





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